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Dear Customers and Friends,

We want to thank all of you for your incredible support over the years. The past few years have been hard on everyone and we are so thankful to have all of you in our lives! 


  • Local Color Flowers has brought our store some stunning color, delivering hand-picked local bouquets for sale every Friday.

  • Cunningham's Bakery is providing us with fresh-baked French baguettes daily, Tuesday thru Saturday.

  • Taharka Brother's incredible gourmet ice cream is being delivered weekly, & is available at all times.

  • Roseda Farms steaks, ground beef, burgers, and hot dogs are also ready & waiting for you all day, every day.

  • Grateful Pizza's gourmet focaccia crust pizzas are freshly made & delivered every week. Snag a bottle of wine & a frozen pizza for dinner!

Keep an eye out for emails & announcements here on our site for all the awesome things we have going on for you!


The Staff at Pinehurst Wine Shoppe


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We offer a finely curated selection of fine wine, craft beers, and spirits.

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