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Wines of South America

Special Saturday wine tasting, 12-3 PM

From Argentina & Chile we bring you:

  • Gonzalez Bastias, Semillon

    • Chilean white wine​

  • Prisma, Sauvignon Blanc

    • Chilean white wine​

  • Prisma, Rose of Pinot Noir

    • Chilean rose wine​

  • Ver Sacrum, Monastrell

    • Argentinian red wine​


Wines of the Week

Weekly Wine Tastings
Friday's, 3-6 PM


Wines of Southern Italy

From the Puglia, Sicily, & Sardinia regions, we bring you:

  • Centopassi, Catarratto

    • Sicilian white wine​

  • Audarya, Vermentino

    • Sardegnian white wine​

  • Audarya, Monica

    • Sardegnian red wine

  • Filari, Negroamaro

    • Puglian red wine​

Upcoming Events


Saturday, July 24 12PM - 3PM

Evolution Craft Brewing Co. vs.
Troegs Independent Brewing
are showing off in an epic battle of breweries in this Saturday summer event! 
Be sure you don't miss it!