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About Us

Our Story

Built in 1945, the red brick cornerstone shop we

all know & love was the original location of the

Graul's Market. Anyone from Baltimore will have

heard of Graul's, or even possibly know a

member of the family. Alongside us, what today

is Charlesmead Pharmacy, was once Pinehurst

Pharmacy, Down's Pharmacy, and then

Tomney's Pharmacy before gaining it's current

name. But back in the day, the Graul's Market

and Pinehurst Pharmacy were connected in the

back and in the cellar of this well-loved

neighborhood shop. 

When the Graul's market left the building in the

late 1950's and their half became a liquor store,

the shared spaces in the back were divided to

coincide with the laws about liquor & pharmaceuticals being separated. In 1985, today's Pinehurst Wine Shoppe was born under Al Schudel & Bob Schindler, primarily focusing on high-end Burgundy and Bordeaux wines. For many years in the 1990's and early 2000's, Pinehurst was voted as Baltimore's best place to build a wine cellar. Over time, the store evolved and expanded it's focus to include some of the best affordable wines on the market, while still maintaining it's collection of fine wines. 

Beyond wine, the craft beers and spirits the store has obtained over the years has become one of the finest selections of high quality brews and booze in the Baltimore area. From 1994-1999, Pinehurst saw the largest quantity of Blanton's Bourbon sold in the United States. Today, our extensive collection of whisky, bourbon, and rye is constantly growing and changing. 

While most stores pride themselves on knowing 25-50% of their product well, we can confidently say we know at least 95% of our product well. Less than 2% of product comes into our store without being staff taste-tested to ensure that we do not sell products we wouldn't drink ourselves, or comfortably recommend to someone. Our weekly wine tastings contribute to helping our staff and our customers develop and expand their palates, while allowing us to more easily learn our customers preferences, and better cater our store to their interests and desires.

Pinehurst as Graul's & Pinehurst.jpg

Meet the Team


Co-Owner, Wine Specialist 

Jake Gazurian

At just 19 years old, Jake began working at Pinehurst stocking shelves, and later became the craft beer specialist. As he progressed his palate, he "caught the wine bug", as he likes to say, and everything spiraled from there. After working with some of Baltimore's most knowledgeable wine connoisseurs - Nelson Carey, Peter Wood, Bob Schindler, Ian Stalfort, Mitchell Pressman, Paul Cudone, Al Schudel to name a few - he worked as the primary wine buyer at a few different stores before coming home to Pinehurst in February 2021 as a co-owner and our Wine Specialist! Jake also enjoys exceptional Tequila, Rum, and "Old Time" digestives from France and Italy.

"Much of my "itch" in making wine a career comes from my enjoyment in taking an 'event' - something as simple as, say, a weeknight dinner, and elevating it to something less mundane, homogeneous, and common. Wine - quality wine - has that ability. I enjoy taking a role in elevating the 'perfectly fine' to something much more so, but with the ease of simply pulling a cork. A delicious, honest, artisanal-produced glass of wine is all that is needed."


General Manager

Gordon McNamara III

Gordon has been in the business for over 25 years, many of those spent at the Pinehurst Wine Shoppe. He likes to travel to breweries across the country looking for the next great beer to offer his customers. An avid sports fisherman, Gordy is also responsible for the fishing paraphernalia throughout the store.


Co-Owner, Finance

Daniel Broh-Kahn 

For over 30 years, Daniel was in corporate America in Finance & Accounting. After residing in Baltimore for 20+ years, Daniel was brought on to assist with Pinehurst's bookkeeping, and was quickly sucked into the world of the liquor industry. He came on as a partial owner in 2017, and has since expanded his roles to include everything finance-based in the store. "Without a doubt, my favorite part of Pinehurst is it's incredible customers. We're located in such a great neighborhood, and it changes the way a business runs & grows when you know so many of your customers by name, and can cater their shopping experience to them."


Beer Specialist

Eric Holmgren

Hailing from Pocomoke City, this Maryland man moved to Baltimore City as a teen & began his career at Pinehurst shortly thereafter. Starting out as a stockboy quickly progressed to Eric discovering his love for beer of all kinds, the history, the mechanics of brewing, ageing, and pouring. After many years tasting & talking with brewers, sales representatives, & even passionate customers, there's not a beer varietal that Eric hasn't tried and enjoyed. He can discern the good from the great, and the mediocre from a classic daily drink. He's been a member of the Pinehurst Family for almost a decade, and has worked his way up the ladder to Craft Beer Specialist & Primary Beer Buyer. 

"My primary focus these days is on local craft beer. The Baltimore Beer industry has grown exponentially over the past few years. We have so many national brands that make great beers - and I'm proud to stock them - but in beer, freshness is key. And what better way to support local and guarantee fresh, than drinking beer brewed right down the road from you?" 

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